Experiment: Pop-Up Resource Page

I’ve just added a new ‘Pop-Up Resource Page‘ in an attempt to achieve a balance between sharing existing ideas and materials and inspiring ideas that result in improved adaptation. This is an experiment and will have very few resources available to download at infrequent times.

“We liked this…and we did this…”

The ideal impact of this page is that you see something here, like it, tweak it, use it in a different context and let me know what you’ve done. In that way, we grow ideas together and document the process as we go along.

I’m a big advocate of harnessing the power of creation and discussing and thinking collaboratively with those who best know your context to design appropriate resources to enhance learning. As a result, I am always wary of any ready-to-print off-the-shelf materials. The conversation and thinking that goes into the creation of any learning materials is vital.

To begin with, as a result of the requests following the last post here. I’ve added a PDF that should print off in better quality of the graphics of  Teacher Standards with an added quote from Hattie.

The collaborative deal:

The deal is that if you find them useful, please leave a comment to say how you used them so others can get even more inspiration from what you do.

1 thought on “Experiment: Pop-Up Resource Page

  1. Hi Zoe,

    I was in contact with your publishers a few months ago about the idea of an article from you in Report magazine. As I recall you’d expressed an interest but I’ve not heard anything since. Please could you send me an email if you’re interested and we can discuss?



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