Pop-Up Resource Page

This Pop-Up Resource Page is my attempt to achieve a balance between sharing existing ideas and materials and inspiring ideas that result in adaptation. There is already the ‘Learning Goggles Page‘, which includes more substantive documents available for download. The Pop-Up Page is designed to be responsive to requests – as far as it can be!

This is an experiment and will have very few selected resources available to download at various times. The ideal impact of this page is that you see something here, like it, tweak it, use it in a different context and let me know what you’ve done. In that way, we grow ideas together and document the process as we go along.

I’m a big advocate of harnessing the power of creation and working (discussing) collaboratively with those who  best know your context to design appropriate resources to enhance learning. As a result, I am always wary of ready-to-print off-the-shelf materials. The conversation and thinking that goes into the creation of any learning materials is vital.

The resources here are chosen according to requests. I’m not sure how many will be here or indeed, how long I’ll keep this page going.

To start with, lots of people have asked for the Teacher’s Standards Graphics I posted , so here’s the PDF as it should print off in better quality…

Hattie plus Teacher’s Standards Graphics

5 thoughts on “Pop-Up Resource Page

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  2. Excellent! I’ve passed this on to senior management already since we are in the throes of observations leading up to performance management reviews…!

    • Nice one, Kelvin and Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope the Year 10 post is still going well. Time for you to start blogging, methinks! Need a stronger pastoral angle to all the learning and teaching blogs out there!
      See you at some point in the new year…possibly?!!
      Z x

  3. Made me smile – think I will email to all my PGCE English trainees as good bye present – they seem to be the most knowledgeable about the standards.
    Nicola Towle (Fulford School/Univ of York)

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