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Full On Learning provides a blueprint for educators in all settings to construct the ideal conditions for effective learners to grow and develop. This is a no-compromise approach to the architecture of learning, creating quality learning experiences that foster a love of learning. The start point is your end-point: the learner. What kind of learner do you want to develop? What are the characteristics of an effective learner and how can we teach to support the development of these characteristics? If future employers are looking for people who can solve problems, think creatively and be innovative, what can we do, as part of our current curriculum provision to enable students to `deliberately` practise this skill? If being intelligent is not, in fact, measured by your IQ score, and has far more to do with the ability to apply higher order thinking to unfamiliar contexts and create new solutions to existing problems, then what learning challenges can we design for Year 9 on a sunny Wednesday afternoon that will allow them to develop the emotional and intellectual resilience required to be able to do this? Full On Learning offers a range of tried & tested practical suggestions and ideas to construct the ideal conditions for the characteristics of effective learners to flourish.

Sir John Jones, Writer, presenter, educational consultant

`Full On Learning` sits at that intersection where the craft of teaching meets the science of learning. Packed with practical ideas, it proves what Zoë expounds: that effective teaching is fundamentally a creative activity which… Read more >>

Suzie Levett. School Improvement Adviser

Zoë’s book really does provide a must-have read, ‘a blueprint for teachers’, for the 21st Century and beyond. It is invaluable for all educators, from the NQT to the nearly-retired; after all, as the author states,… Read more >>

Ruth Deakin Crick. Reader in Systems Learning and Leadership, Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol.

`Full On Learning` is a ‘must have’ book for any professional learning facilitator. Zoë articulates principles for learning, in a simple, accessible way, which are deeply consistent with what we now know from research about… Read more >>
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