I am a learning & teaching geek.

Unapologetically so.

I adore all aspects of creative thinking and reflective practice to stimulate new ideas and thinking. This blog is a mixture of reflections on my own learning and acts as a repository for those sparkling gems I come across and don’t immediately know what to do with. But, like any ideas magpie worth their beak, if it catches my eye, I can’t resist collecting it.

Most importantly, this blog is an invitation to you to get involved and share your thinking with me. And if it encourages you to start your own blog, then that’s fabulous too.

I write, coach, research, practice and, well, basically live and breathe learning. This summer, my first book, “Full On Learning” and you can read more about it on ‘The Book” page on this blog.

All views expressed here are very much a personal affair.

I have two other blogs:

  • Marginal Learning Gains” – a resource and ideas site for micro-action research projects
  • Teducation” – a collection of my learning-related reflections on the wonderful ideas, words and people to be found at www.TED.com.

For day to day learnings, please contact me via this website or through twitter: @fullonlearning along with the wonderful world of Twitter Educators.

8 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Zoe
    Have just started reading your book Full on Learning and like it very much thank you. Do you have an electronic copy of the what are we going to learn today? How are we going to learn today? Why are we learning in this way today?, that you would be willing to share? Look forward to hearing from you with best wishes David

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and I am pleased that you are enjoying the book. I’ll email you to check out what you would like in terms of your request. Best wishes, Zoe

  3. Zoe Elder,
    Bought your book without knowing it was THE Zoe Elder from Laker (didn’t even twig at that point….then saw the photo, linked the name and fell over)…..total hoot, still reeling really! Congrats on the book, your web site, which I have also just seen and your ‘approach’ to this funny world of kids, schools etc.
    be in touch please.
    rose xox

  4. Hi Zoe
    Have very much enjoyed reading your blogs on teacher talk after being directed to your site by a colleague. Would you be able, and happy, to run a CPD session for our teaching staff in the Autumn term? I think they would be inspired by some of your ideas.

  5. Hi Zoe,
    I was passed your name by a friend who you coached last year. She really enthused about the work you did with her and recommended I contact you. A brief background about me – Over the past couple of years, I have really developed a passion for coaching and have worked predominantly with NQTs and teachers in their second year of teaching. I am now currently in the process of setting up whole school coaching programmes in 2 schools. I am very keen to meet with people involved with coaching (especially in a teaching and learning environment) and visit schools that are running coaching programmes. I would love to observe coaching in action and I’m interested in all aspects, including CPD for the team of coaches and looking at ways to measure the impact of coaching. I wondered whether you would be interested in meeting with me? I am very willing to travel to wherever you’re based.

  6. Hi Zoe, Not sure if you got my msg on Linkedin? Could you drop me an email? Would love to see if we could get you to speak at a South Somerset school event @ end of Nov.

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