Teachers’ Standards

I’m doing a lot of work around the Teachers’ Standards at the moment. I’m such a visual thinker and I always love a nice bit of typography, I’ve had a go at creating some graphics to support what I’m up to.

By raising the profile of them and finding ways to integrate them into all things teaching and learning, my hope is that teachers can take control of them and drive and ashape their CPD accordingly.

I’d be interested in how you’re using the Teaching Standards and what you think of the graphics…

TS graphics

21 thoughts on “Teachers’ Standards

  1. Yes, I love them and wondered if I could have a copy / use them for the staff room too!! Making them visual like this makes you so much more inclined to engage with the content….just like everything we do!

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  5. These are splendid! I’m a PGCE student and I’ve saved them as a background to Penultimate, the handwritten note-taking tool on my iPad. This way, if I ever want to reflect on meeting the teaching standards, I can take a new page and scribble all over them.

    • Ooh, I like you’re approach! I’ve got the, printed and hanging in my office at school which is also out T&L Lab. They look better on screens than in print format – lesson learnt there!

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I hope your PGCE year is going well.
      Keep in touch!
      Best wishes,

  6. HI Zoe, just wondering if you managed to develop any further work on the teachers’standards. I have responsibility for NQT’s and Trainees, I am looking to look at the standards in more detail and with more reflective practice. Thnaks

      • This is really really helpful- I run ITT for our Trust and would love to make further use of this- i love your book as well Zoe- read it from cover to cover. Would be interested in booking you for some CPD

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