Educators collaborate on Twitter

Having listened, once again, to yet another media commentator deriding Twitter as ‘pointless & banal’ I felt I had to post this. This fantastic collaborative piece of work is evidence of the quality of interactions that are shared every second of the day around the world by some of the most inspirational educators. 

The document was put together by @dajbelshaw and @stuartridout (see their biographical information in the book). It came into existence after a collection of previously unconnected people joined forces and contributed to a Twitter Hashtag entitled, #movemeon. I have not met ANYBODY else who contributed to this document, other than by following some (not all) of them on Twitter. The people I follow share their thoughts and ideas about effective education , they provide links to resources, webpages, articles and events that they recommend. I use my Twitter account as a very specific, targeted search engine for everything about learning. For me, it’s the most valuable source of professional development in existence on the web. I hope you enjoy the publication.


6 thoughts on “Educators collaborate on Twitter

  1. This is a great idea. I wonder if a few copies of this might give a teacher or two heads-up on using twitter and get them started?

  2. Thanks for you comment, Dai.Yes I am sure it would be a good place to start. I refer to it in my work with teachers. It does a great job of showing how powerful Twitter can be whilst at the same time providing an accessible ‘ideas-bank’ in a simple format.

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