Changing Paradigms Sir Ken Robinson RSA Animate Series

I first came across Sir Ken Robinson a fair few years ago. My epiphany moment in my own educational thinking came about when I watched his first TED talk “How schools kill creativity”. It was one of those moments when I can remember where I was, who I was with and, most importantly, how it made me feel and think. This talk gave me a ‘peg’ upon which to hang everything I believed about what education should be for. From then, I have worked hard to hang my thinking and actions on that peg and it is working out very well indeed.

This RSA Animate is a further 10 minute think-piece from SKR one which I will use to nurture my thoughts and shape my educational practice. I hope you enjoy it. 

1 thought on “Changing Paradigms Sir Ken Robinson RSA Animate Series

  1. Amazing content and wonderful, energetic graphics. So we know we have to “go in the opposite direction” but how does your average, uncertified in much of anything, basically non-academic creative dreamer help this new revolution.

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