Purposeful quality learning experiences

I had the great pleasure to attend part of a whole-staff INSET today in one of the schools I work with and, as ever, it delivered an amazing array of wonderful learning experiences. It’s days like today that I really love my job. To be able to spend time with a such a fabulous, enthusiastic group of educators is a joy. I recommend to parents and employers, if you ever get the chance, to visit and watch what happens when teachers get the time to learn and develop together. The quality focus on learning was tangible in every conversation, every development and every idea that was generated. The will to progress the learning of every member of the school community though enhancing the relationships between students and teachers was impressively matched by the wealth of skill on display during the morning.

With everything else changing so radically and unpredictably in the world right now, I begin my weekend reassured that the purposeful and innovative ground is peopled with learning-entreupeneurs like those with whom I spent time today. Thank you.

1 thought on “Purposeful quality learning experiences

  1. I wonder just how much non-teachers are curious to know what us teacher beings get up to on INSET days?I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t a teacher that I’d wonder what they did……Perhaps we should invite them in…….Dave

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