Holiday Twitter Time

As I am on annual leave at the moment (I’m in the second of a two week break), I haven’t posted for a while. This doesn’t mean, however, that I have managed to switch off. Oh no.

I’ve been reading ‘Multipliers’ which I mentioned in my previous post, and it has some interesting points about nurturing talent through effective leadership which I am busy formatting for a classroom & school-based context. I’ve also recently purchased a book, “Developing A Self-Evaluating School Practical Guide” as a result of making a connection with the author, Paul Ainsworth @pkainsworth on Twitter (yes, again, another example of the pervasive and far-reaching influence of Twitter). I’ll start devouring this properly over the next few weeks, but at first glance, it looks like an incredibly useful resource for all schools – middle and senior leaders alike, who want to develop a culture of ‘active reflection’ (I hope that phrase works). I enjoy following @pkainsworth for his Twitter links, RTs and recommendations. He is also a cricketer, so for that alone, he gets a follow!

Signing off to rejoin my holiday ‘…it’s all about learning…’


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