End of term & time to reflect & read

It’s a shame that the frenetic nature of schools often makes it really difficult to be reflexive in our practice. Note, I say ‘difficult’, not impossible. Truth be told, however, I’m shattered and really looking forward to an easing of pace now our school communities have dispersed. I’ve got quite a few presentations to pull together for next term and two whole staff INSET sessions to deliver right at the start of the academic year, so I’m looking forward to tidying these up this week, finalising the resources for them and putting them to bed before my two week holiday at the start of August.

In the meantime, I will enjoy the reading time I now have and start thinking about books I want to take on holiday. These will include John Hattie’s Visible Learning and I recommend getting the book…my copy is looking very well-thumbed and scruffy.

In addition, with a new role beginning for me in September, I’ve just stumbled across ‘Multipliers’ by Wiseman and McKeown which came out on 1st July but I bought on my new iPhone4 in the iBooks application…which I am also loving – fabulous for keeping and reading pdf documents. Anyway, I’m off to begin the down-shift into a lower gear and to do some reading.

Happy holidays, all.

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