Future learners, present learning…Generation M2

I’ll be using this video in my work with teachers over the next couple of months and with the students who are part of our Confident Communicators’ Project which launches in February. They’re researching and developing their own future scenarios in response to the question… “What will life be like for an average 15 year old in 2025?”. I’ll be posting information about the project over the forthcoming months – I may start up a separate posterous blog to capture it all.

Anyway, the creators of this video and the report associated with it, The Kaiser Family Health Foundation, says, “…this video explores the powerful force that media can be in the lives of teens and tweens. The three young people who are profiled explain what types of media they use—such as smart phones, computers, TV, video games—how much time they spend with media and what impact it has on their lives.”

Simple, concise and insightful – it raises some interesting questions about future learners,  present learning.

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