One hour well worth it: a great educational conversation from LWF 2011

Learning Without Frontiers (@LWForg) is an organisation who describe themselves as: “… a global platform for disruptive thinkers, innovators and practitioners to share knowledge, ideas and experiences about new learning.” 

Every year, in addition to leading many projects, LWF hold a conference over a long weekend in January that brings together many of the leading thinkers, advocates, actvitists, researchers and practitioners in education. After the conference, they post many of the talks and events online to create a rich array of ‘think-pieces’ from which everybody can continue learning.

This discussion is just one of many that took place at the LWF 11 last year.

So, why don’t you make yourself a hot drink, pull up a chair and engage in some refreshing personal CPD for an hour with Keri Facer, Mick Waters and Sir Ken Robinson.

And, if you enjoy learning and thinking in this way and would like to do some more in a more bite-sized way, why not pop over to for some smaller chunks of learning? On this site, I’ve put together a collection of TED Talks (each of them last between 5 and 18 minutes) that are connected to learning themes. They are even more powerful if you sit and watch one of these talks with some colleagues/ students/ parents & carers…just think, you could structure a whole personalised CPD programme around this style of learning…high quality, world class thinking available to you in your school at the click of a mouse.


Oh and if you have come across a TED Talk that you think would work well on this site, please let me know, or even better, write a reflection on it and drop me a line so I can include it as a guest post!

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