Visual Thinking: creatively powerful ways to explain information

David McCandless brings data alive with his infographics. Since this talk, infographics and data visualisations have become pretty mainstream in the media. For me, the potential of explaining mathematical processes and concepts, collections of data and highlighting key pieces of information through a powerful visual medium is something that we could challenge ourselves, as teachers, to do for our students. In addition, it’s something that we could ask our students to develop as a skill for themselves. It certainly offers students a fantastic opportunity to freely express themselves in an individual and creative way, whilst at the same time, having to really get to grips with the information they are handling. 

I’m working on a series of ‘how to’ guides for teachers…if you have any ideas or links that would help me out with this, please leave a comment and I’ll get on to it! In the meantime, enjoy this talk and check out



1 thought on “Visual Thinking: creatively powerful ways to explain information

  1. This is an awesome video and I have every intention of showing it to a number of my classes at the appropriate time.As you say, there’s a challenge for all us teachers: Can you make this diagrams and can you interpret them?A picture can only speak 1000 words if you understand the language.Dave

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