Policy & Practice: Tread softly on their dreams

Sir Ken Robinson: Part Two”. This talk follows up Sir Ken Robinson’s original TED talk with a call for a revolution, rather than reformation in education. I particularly like his request that we ‘disenthrall’ ourselves from that which we have become accustomed. The original text of the Lincoln speech he quotes is worth a read, and possible a wordle

All in all, with this talk, I suggest you just sit back, watch, listen and reflect. Oh, and don’t forget to make yourself a cup of tea to drink while you watch. And then go to www.sirkenrobinson.com to check out his video responses to tweeted questions about education. Oh, and then read some of his books.

And no, I’m not on commission. I promise.

Here’s those fabulous cognitive media peeps again. A 10 minute animation of his address on the same topic. 

2 thoughts on “Policy & Practice: Tread softly on their dreams

  1. Thanks for nudging me to watch this again. Every time it breeds new inspiration! I think what’s so magnificent about it is his ability to opt out of conventions whilst seeming so conventional. It fills me with hope. But then my dreams are walked upon when the next day brings small minded experience all around me. How do we reconcile this inspiration with daily life on a more permanent basis I wonder? Our children need to be nurtured, their talents allowed to develop organically, but we also need to equip them to make their talents and dreams work in the world they must enter, don’t we?

  2. It’s our job to be relentless in our pursuit of our own dreams and the dreams of our children. I reckon it’s a case of big conversations, baby steps. The best ways are usually the ways that have been carefully nurtured, tended for and reflected upon. It’s by taking the softly-softly approach that takes the greatest courageous but is the most effective. And a big mug of hot chocolate always helps when it gets tricky 😉

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