PLTS Assessment Proformas in Humanities (PLTS NETWORK)

(From an original post on a PLTS network blog: he’d love some feedback on this work, so please leave comments below)
Here are some very practical ways that our Humanities Department is using to introduce PLTS into assessment success criteria and feedback. The ‘assessment feedback documents’ are a way of providing reflection on formal assessment pieces – these specific asssement pieces are taken from Geography. The ‘Humanities Department PLTS’ document is a reference proforma that students put in the backs of their exercise books. The ‘Humanities marking slip’ is a proforma that we use whenever we mark KS3 students’ work – it provides a generic feeback format for all staff to use and ensures successes are celebrated, targets are set and PLTS are reflected upon. This was adapted from the SEAL based-marking slip used at another local school! Any feedback would be appreciated…

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