Taking presentation to the next level with the RSA Animated Series

I love using visuals in my work. When teaching, I’m never far from a board & marker pen to illustrate the concepts and ideas that I’m explaining. When I taught A Level Philosophy, I created a series of cartoon-based text books for students to support their understanding of different philosophical concepts. I guess I should dig them out and see if they could be digitalised in some way…a project for the new year, I think. Anyway, I now use keynote when I’m training, presenting and giving talks. It’s far more intuitive than PowerPoint and encourages lots of simple pictures, easily embedded clips and audio – oh, it’s a joy!
BUT…I have now come across the RSA’s Animate series…and I want to start doing things a bit like this! Check this out for a fantastic, engaging and informative way to present information. I’m off to get started now! The content itself isn’t half bad, either!
Thank you, RSA and Professor Stein Ringen (Professior of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Oxford)

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