A collection of interesting papers, readings and information:

‘Education aspirations: How English schools can work with parents to keep them on track’ – Report by Loic Menzies for Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Rethinking Educational Leadership’ Mapping the terrain of leadership in learning organisations in conditions of complexity, diversity and change – The report of an Open Space Symposium held with the Bristol Leadership Forum at the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, 3rd & 4th January 2013 (see

What leads to positive change in teaching practice? – Report from The NFER Research Programme

The importance of Grit and Resilience – Report by Yvonne Roberts for The Young Foundation

Work That Matters: The Teacher’s Guide to Problem Based Learning – Practical guide & case studies from The Innovation Unit

Learner Motivation (summary of main report with practical applications) – NFER

Learner Motivation 3-19: An International Perspective (Full Report) – NFER

IDEO Human Centred Design Toolkit (requires a log-in to download) – IDEO

“Developing the Critical ESL Learner: The Freire’s Way” (Link to the online article) – This is a really useful exploration of Freire’s educational philosophy from The Weekly column Article 19 June 2000 ‘Developing the critical ESL Learner – ESL Newsletter

Influences on Student Learning (Link to the online pdf) – John Hattie Inaugural Lecture: Professor of Education University of Auckland August 2, 1999

Impact of the ‘Assessing Pupil Progress Initiative’ (Summary & Full Report – link to online Word and pdf versions for download) – Ties in nicely with the concept of Marginal Gains in Learning (see The Learning Cycle) Ofsted April 2011

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